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The party secretary and president of Nanjing Maritime Court visited our company for investigation

2021-04-27 views 426

On April 26th, 7 leaders from Nanjing Maritime Court came to our company for investigation and inquiry. Mr. Ren Letian, Chairman of the Group, Mr. Zhang Hongfei, Deputy General Manager and other company leaders accompanied the investigation and attended the exchange symposium.

 President Li Houlong introduced to the enterprise the performance of the Nanjing Maritime Court since its establishment, the jurisdiction area of the headquarters of the Nanjing Maritime Court and the dispatched court, the composition of the personnel and other basic information, the recent work situation and the characteristics and rules of relevant cases, and consulted the opinions and suggestions of enterprises on how to ensure the sound development of high-end manufacturing enterprises of ships and Marine equipment in the current environment so as to provide more accurate and powerful judicial services and guarantee.

Group Chairman Ren Letian introduced the development history and development plan of our company to the research team, and described the innovative development of the company in recent years by lean management and differentiated competition in market segments based on the current situation of the shipbuilding industry. With the development of the company's business, international orders account for the majority of the business, and new situations and problems are inevitable in the operation. Nanjing Maritime Court as the jurisdiction of maritime cases in our province will be able to provide more direct and efficient judicial services and judicial protection for local enterprises.