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Use photovoltaic power generation to save energy costs

2013-06-04 views 487

The sunlight reflects blue light on the roof of the 34,000 square meter processing workshop, where 20,080 solar photovoltaic panels are laid. The electricity generated is transmitted directly to the production workshop through an electrical integrated system with "zero loss".

The installed capacity of the rooftop power station is 5 MW, which has been integrated into the 10KV power grid of our company since January 4. After more than 3 months of trial operation and power generation, real-time records have been made at all observation points in the recent stage, and the statistical results show that the power generation on a sunny day can reach about 20,000 degrees. According to rough statistics, the daily electricity consumption of our company is about 270,000 KWH, of which photovoltaic energy is about 20,000 KWH. The cost of the 20,000 KWH is settled according to 80% of the unit price of the power supply company in time, which saves a certain amount of energy cost for the company.

The 5-megawatt photovoltaic power station is supplied at peak times, making it cheap and eliminating the problem of producing limited power. If the power station is expanded to 10 MW in the second half of 2013, the electricity cost of enterprises can be saved about 1.5 million yuan per year. Photovoltaic power station not only brings benefits to the company, but also sets up a good corporate social image for the group -- using clean energy and protecting the environment.