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Visit of Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group's Chairman to China Shipbuilding Industry Association

2023-03-21 views 295

On March 20, Ren Letian, Chairman of Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group, along with his delegation, paid a visit to the ChinaShipbuilding Industry Association. They received a warm reception from LiYanqing, Secretary General of the Shipbuilding Association, Tan Naifen, Deputy Secretary General of the Shipbuilding Association, and leaders from variousdepartments including the Research and Consulting Department, StatisticalInformation Department, and Member Affairs Department. During the meeting, thetwo parties engaged in comprehensive discussions regarding the current state ofenterprise development, sustainable industry growth, and future collaboration.

Li Yanqing, Secretary General of the ShipbuildingAssociation, began by extending congratulations to Jiangsu New YangziShipbuilding Co., Ltd. for winning the Enterprise Award at the 7th ChinaIndustry Award. He also commended the company for its business achievements in2022. Chairman Ren Letian expressed gratitude to the China ShipbuildingAssociation for their continued strong support of Yangzijiang ShipbuildingGroup. He provided an overview of the development status of the YangzijiangShipbuilding Group and shared insights on emerging areas such as carbonfootprint, ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance), supply chain, and laborforce. Chairman Ren expressed his hopes for ongoing support from the ChinaShipbuilding Association in driving green and intelligent transformation withinshipbuilding enterprises, mobilizing greater social resources for industrytransformation, and promoting sustainable development across the entire sector.