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Library Reading Program into Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group

2023-12-06 views 195

On December 1, library reading activity was held in Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group. More than 50 people from various workshops and departments of Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group participated in this reading activity. During the activity, many employees from the Group's General Management Department shared their views on the meaning of walking, reading and love after reading the book "Walking in the Years", and talked about their feelings about the harvest in combination with the actual life and work. On behalf of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, Mr. Xu Xuebo, a member of Jiangsu Writers' Association, donated a batch of books to our company to help enterprises build a better reading exchange platform.



Since the end of 2020, the Group's Integrated Management Department has continued to organize staff to read nine books. Combined with personal learning, life, work experience and personal experience, everyone shared their personal gains, and constantly derive thinking, exchanging ways and means of reading, interpreting the life, work, life thinking company will continue to carry out a variety of forms of reading activities, enhance the company's employees' literary literacy and value-creation ability, and continue to create a strong atmosphere of love of reading, reading good books, good reading, to create a learning team, to create a learning team, and to create a good learning team, to create a good learning team. Continuously create a strong atmosphere of love of reading, reading good books, good reading, create a learning team, build a book atmosphere as the core of the corporate culture, and solidly promote the construction of the "book enterprise", boosting the high-quality development of the enterprise.