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New Yangzi Shipyard "Staff Children's Home" was put into use

2023-10-07 views 291

After accumulating experience from the two periods of social practice for employees' children during vacation in 2022, the Group Labor Union took the lead in building the "Staff Children's Home" in 2023 on a pilot basis in the New Yangzi Shipyard.


The service object of "Little Home for Workers" is the children of our employees (including outsourced workers). Since it was put into use on October 5, the first batch of children of employees have been accepted more than 20 people, and the age of the infants and children in the nursery is from 16 to 36 months old. According to the work characteristics of the parents of the shipyard workers, from Monday to Saturday from 7:30 in the morning to 17:30 in the evening to provide a long time humanized care services. With the people-oriented initiatives, we hope to provide a sense of belonging, happiness and achievement for the people of Yangzijiang Shipyard, so that they can release their vitality and resilience, take root in the company, integrate into the company and join hands in the sustainable and healthy development of Yangzijiang Shipyard.