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Mid level management capability upgrade project successfully completed

2019-12-21 views 672

On the afternoon of December 18th, the report of the middle level management capability enhancement project of the group was held in the New Yangzi multi-function hall. A total of 95 people from the three production lines of the group''''s top shipbuilding subsidiary companies attended the briefing meeting. The group''''s general manager Mr Ren Letian and deputy general manager Song Shuming, Mr Du Chengzhong, Mr Zhang Hongfei and President of Wuxi Planck management consulting company, Mr Chen Yumin, attended the ceremony.

Reporting on the "all the same" warm field campaign, the 6 teams separately showed the growth maps of their respective teams. After the oath of all students, began the group report. The case development is one of the contents of the continuation project. In this period, 8 outstanding cases were selected, and three outstanding case creators, Mr Geng Hongwei, Mr Ding Chao and Mr Chen Zhenyu shared their case respectively as representatives. The main contents of the report are the results of the application of the learned knowledge, the summary of the cases, the experience, the group and personal growth. The guests on the spot commented on the reporting team and put forward the improvement requirements.

General manager Mr Ren Letian made a concluding speech after the award. He affirmed the effectiveness of this graduation report, and stressed that the summary should focus on case sharing, which can capture the hearts of the people and resonate with the audience. Mr Ren said that the Yangzijiang is a highly efficient enterprise with a high priority for efficiency, and some meetings and work must be efficient. It is required that the students who continue the flight shall combine their knowledge with their own thinking and use them in their work management and firmly grasp the substantive problems to break through. In the future, the company will continue to carry out systematic training and study in the construction of reserve cadres. Promotion priority should be given to training cadres.