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Care for a long time

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Year after year, sweet scented osmanthus is more fragrant than spring. On October 24, when the Double Ninth Festival was approaching, our Group invited representatives of retired veteran cadres of Jiangyin Transportation Bureau, shipyard retired veteran cadres and old expert representatives to reunite and share friendship, look at the present and talk about the future together. Honorary Chairman Ren Yuanlin, Chairman Ren Letian and other leading group members of the Ggroup company attended the activity.

Be grateful to the old leaders

Yangchuan has gone through restructuring, cross river linkage, entering the capital market, becoming bigger and stronger, and realizing leapfrog development, which is inseparable from the full support of the old leaders of the Transportation Bureau.

Gratitude for high level talents

The internal training, external introduction and inclusive absorption of talents are the important support for the continuous development of YZJ. The high-level talents mainly from the company introduced Shanghai team have laid a solid foundation for the follow-up development of YZJ and they Played a great role in the history of YZJ.

Thank you, old-timer

Generation after generation, most of them are the founders and witnesses of the development history of Yangchuan for more than 60 years. Many of them have devoted their youth to Yangchuan with painstaking efforts.

Recalling the past hard work, looking at the fruitful present, set sail in the future. Mr. Ren Yuanlin, the honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors, accompanied the old leaders and the old-timer to visit the production area of NYZ with great interest. Walk and look while recalling the hard work, the extraordinary years of business..

More than 60 years of spring breeze and rain, and more than 60 years of spring and autumn fruits, it records the process of the development of workshop-style ship repair and building cooperative that nests by the canal to a modern shipbuilding group that can be ranked in the forefront of the world's shipbuilding industry. It embodies the wisdom and hard work of all YZJ staff, and is the result of the struggle of generations of YZJ staff.

· During the lunch, old photos were scrolled on the screen, recording the historical stages of the shipyard growing up from small size to large size. Mr. Ren Yuanlin, Chairman of the Board of Drectors, filled with all sorts of feelings, explaining the story behind each photo for the old leaders on-site: on the Bank of Yangtze River, the Jiangyin shipyard was built by the previous cofferdam reclamation and pole erecting, and the later garden factory was attributed to the old generation of leaders headed by Director Zhu Hongjun. Reform and transformation, cross river linkage, overseas listing, relocation, merger and acquisition, expansion of production capacity, Sino Japanese cooperation Every period of history, Chairman Ren talked about it, and everyone present felt rather emotional, experiencing the development and growth of the shipyard and the difficulties of the YZJ staff.

Mr. Ren expressed his gratitude to all the hard-working predecessors, colleagues who worked hard with him to shipyard development, and the old leaders who have always cared about and supported the development of the company. He hoped that under the leadership of the new generation headed by Ren Letian, YZJ shipbuilding industry would live up to the trust of the predecessors, continue to develop healthily and become stronger and better.