Public welfare charity

Be passionate about the Initial pursuit, and be brave to take its social responsibility.

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Donating blood without compensation is a social welfare undertaking that benefits others and benefits themselves, and it is the obligation of every healthy citizen. In order to vigorously carry forward thespirit of "humanity, fraternity and dedication", effectively alleviate the urgent need of blood supply in this special pandemic moment, and ensure the need of clinical blood use, the labor union of YZJ Shipbuilding Grouprecently organized annual voluntary blood donation public welfare activity ofyear 2022 . Once the initiative was launched, the YZJ staff took active action.There were many veterans who insisted on donating blood for free, and there were also some new recruits who went for the first time. Everyone was full of blood and joined in the glorious voluntary blood donation activities.


At 8: 30 in the morning, the workers who participated in blooddonation arrived at Jiangyin Red Cross Blood Station early, actively cooperatedwith the guidance of blood station staff and volunteers, and strictly followedthe requirements of epidemic prevention and control. The procedures such asscanning code for temperature measurement, filling out forms for registration,taking blood pressure, testing and donating blood were carried out in anorderly manner.


Heartful thanks goes to every caring worker. Thank you forbravely stretching out your arms. You are willing to ignite the light of life with full blood. Your selfless dedication and spirit of helping others areawe-inspiring. Your kindness makes our enterprise and society more full of vitality and vitality. YZJ Shipbuilding Group will continue to maintain asincere attitude and positive dedication, continue to help public welfare undertakings, practice the initial public welfare of enterprises, give back tothe society and fulfill social responsibilities. In this voluntary blood donation activity, nearly 100 enthusiastic workers from New Yangzi Shipyard,Yangzi Xinfu Shipyard and YAMIC participated, of which 71 people successfully donated blood, with a cumulative blood donation of 23,900 ml.