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Investing 30 million yuan to launch the second phase of "Guangming Xing"! Donating to the rehabilitation hospital!

2023-03-30 views 228

On the afternoon of March 28, the Jiangyin HealthSystem 2023 Key Project Release and Talent Development Conference took place.During the meeting, Xu Feng, Secretary of the Jiangyin Municipal PartyCommittee, and Ren Yuanlin, founder of Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group andYuanlin Charity Foundation, jointly initiated the "Guangming Xing"medical assistance project (phase II), which will be funded by the YuanlinCharity Fund with 30 million yuan.

In 2015, the Jiangsu Yuanlin Charity Fund investedover three years to build the Jiangyin Yuanlin Rehabilitation Hospital, with atotal investment of approximately 300 million yuan. It is the first large-scalerehabilitation hospital established by a charity organization in China. On June30, 2022, the Jiangsu Yuanlin Charity Foundation donated the entire JiangyinYuanlin Rehabilitation Hospital to the Jiangyin Health Commission and JiangyinPeople's Hospital, aiming to further develop the hospital and better serve thesociety and its people.