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Successful Completion of Power Camp Re-examination Training for Newly Recruited Cadres

2023-01-09 views 187

On January 6, the completion ceremony of the power camp for newlyrecruited cadres of Yangzijiang Shipbuilding was held in the multi-functionhall of the new Yangzi Shipbuilding Building. The project, which lasted forhalf a year, saw the participation of 38 newly recruited section chief levelcadres from each management department line of the shipping holding company.Zhang Hongfei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, and 25 managementcadres from relevant business lines and departments attended the graduationreport.


During the graduation ceremony, representatives from each group ofstudents presented a review report on the completion of their personaldevelopment plans, offline discussion topics, and the online dissemination ofcourse content. They also shared how they applied the acquired knowledge intheir actual work. Based on the comprehensive performance of each student, there-examination training resulted in the recognition of five "excellentre-examination students" and three outstanding individuals for theirgraduation reports.