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Deep Boat Flying, Happy Lantern Festival

2023-02-04 views 280

With the arrival of the "Beginning ofSpring," the first of the 24 solar terms, and the traditional Chinesefestival "Lantern Festival," the trade union of the Group organizedvarious activities to celebrate the festival and enrich the cultural life ofemployees. These activities aimed to stimulate their enthusiasm, fostercohesion after the Spring Festival holiday, and promote the beauty oftraditional culture. The organized activities included riddle guessing, gameplaying, and enjoying sweet dumplings.


As the Spring Festival holiday in the Year of theRabbit came to an end, the sailors have returned to their posts one afteranother, embarking on a new journey without hesitation. The spirit of"people are diligent and spring comes early" is spreading, as weembrace the challenges of the new year. The beginning of the new year marks thestart of a fierce battle, and the resumption of work serves as a call to makeprogress. In the new year, we should approach our struggles with renewed energyand a strong work ethic.