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The "Youth Lecture Hall" speech activity was successfully held.

2023-05-22 views 285

At 2:00 PM on the afternoon of May 19th, the finalround of the "Youth Lecture Hall" speech activity took place in themulti-function hall of the group's administrative science and technology building. Since the announcement was sent out in April, the activity received apositive response from the subsidiaries and workshop departments of the groupcompany. A total of 28 speakers participated in the preliminary contest, andafter intense competition, 12 contestants were selected to advance to the finals.


During the final round, the 12 young contestants closely adhered to the theme of the speech. They shared their personalexperiences and reflections on the current times, youth, dedication,responsibility, patriotism, and family love. Their speeches were filled withfresh examples, enthusiasm, and sincere language. The judges and the audiencewere impressed by the innovative speeches, and each contestant's performancewas highly commendable. The judges provided relevant comments for each participant.