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Celebrating the "March 8th" Festival with Vibrant Activities

2023-03-14 views 243

In order to showcase employees' positive mindset,foster their love for life, enrich their cultural experiences, and promote aharmonious corporate atmosphere and the development of corporate culture, thetrade union of the Group organized a series of activities with the theme of the"March 8th" Festival. The majority of employees from each subsidiaryparticipated in these activities.


The company arranged a visit to the Tianmu LakeScenic Area for nearly 150 female employees, allowing them to appreciate thenatural beauty. Through relaxed and interactive entertainment, colleagues whoare usually occupied with work had the opportunity to unwind. These activitiesfostered cooperation, strengthened friendships, and enhanced communicationamong the employees. To assist female workers in alleviating negative emotionsresulting from family and work pressures and promoting relaxation of their bodyand mind, the trade union of the group also organized a lecture on the theme of"Caring for Yourself, Being a Healthy Woman."

To express gratitude for the dedicated work offemale employees and demonstrate care for them, the trade union of the Grouparranged spring outings, fun activities, and health lectures. Additionally,considering the actual needs of female workers, the trade union carefullyprepared and distributed holiday welfare goods, totaling nearly 1700 items.