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Surpassing the annual target: YZJ Group won 22 new shipbuilding orders.

2022-10-07 views 323

On October 6th, according to the announcement issued by thelisted company, YZJ Shipbuilding Group received 22 new shipbuilding orders. Upto now, the total value of the Group's orders has reached USD10.27 billion , arecord high. In 2022, the Groupcompany has received a total of 40 new ordersfor ships, totaling USD 3.6 billion, exceeding the USD 2billion order target set at the beginning of the year. In addition, the Groupdelivered 16 ships in the third quarter, and total51 ships were delivered by September 30th,, which is expected toachieve the delivery target of 70 ships in year 2022.

Among the 22 new ship orders, there are six 66,000 DWT bulk carriers. Singaporeshipping company Jaldhi Overseas ordered four 66,000 DWT bulk carriers fromYangzi-Mitsui, a subsidiary of YZJ Shipbuilding Group, and the other two werefrom Japanese ownerLEPTA. Four 32000DWT bulk carriers, this batch of orderscomes from the old customer NAVIBULGAR Shipping Company of Bulgaria. The orderfor two 16000TEU LNG dual-fuel container ships came from one world-renownedship owner.