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About 770 million dollars! Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group has received new orders for 14 newbuildings of 3 types

2023-11-02 views 210

Recently, the business dept. took advantage of the trend and obtained 14 new shipbuilding orders of 3 types, with a total value of about 770 million dollars. The 3 types ships are 50000DWT MR Tanker, 75000DWT LR1 Tanker, and 40000 CBM (LPG) carrier.


As of the end of September, the group 2023 new orders reached 86 ships 6.54 billion U.S. dollars, exceeding the annual new orders target task index of two times; hand-held orders reached 184 ships 14.82 billion U.S. dollars. Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group's hand-held orders are full, hand-held orders of clean energy ships accounted for 58% of the total order amount, the order can meet the requirements of the production task to the middle of 2027, the farthest schedule for delivery of ships to 2028.