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Strive for a "good start" | The Group has obtained 14 new shipbuilding orders

2023-02-23 views 296

The firstthing to do in spring is to do everything first.Sufficient orders and expandedproduction capacity encourage the Yangzijiang people to seize the opportunityand take advantage of the situation. The "progress bar" of new ordersreceived by our Group was refreshed in the second month of 2023..

【1】 10X 50000 ton MR tankers

Recently,our group signed a construction contract for six 50000 ton MR tankers with theold Greek customerthrough electronic signature, and this batch of new shipswill be built in theNew Yangzi Shipyard.In addition, the orders for 4 new shipsof the same type are from Singapore shipowners, and these ships will be builtby Yangzi Mitsui Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (YAMIC), another subsidiary of theGroup.


【2】 4+2 80000DWT self unloading ships

Recently,our group, YAMIC, won the order for the construction of four 80000 DWT methanolready Kalsum self unloading bulk carriers, two for Canadian owner Algoma andtwo for CSL Group respectively. The order also includes the option of twosimilar ships.This order is the first reserved bulk carrier order for methanolfuel obtained by our group. It is expected that first ship of this series to bedelivered in July 2025.