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Naming and delivery of 2400TEU container ship "SNL ZHANGJIAGANG"

2023-09-20 views 115

On the morning of September 19, our group and the ship owner Sinotrans Group jointly held a grand naming ceremony for the second 2400TEU container ship jointly built by the two companies. 


At the ceremony, Mr. Wang Yongxin named the new ship "SNL ZHANGJIAGANG", and Ms. Shi Xiuli cut cables and threw champagne for the new ship. The guests took a group photo with the new ship, and wished the new ship would ride the wind and waves, return safely, and bring good luck, wealth and glory to the ship owner and all partners. On the day of naming, the ship delivery documents were signed under the joint witness of relevant parties. With the smooth delivery of the "SNL ZHANGJIAGANG", the two 2400TEU container ships built by our group for Sinotrans Container Shipping were successfully delivered to the ship owner and closed in the contract period.