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YAMIC's first 40,000 cubic meter dual-fuel LPG/liquid ammonia carrier was delivered and left the wharf

2023-12-08 views 298

On December 5, YAMIC successfully signed and delivered the first 40000 m3 dual fuel liquefied petroleum gas/liquid ammonia transport ship "GASCHEM EUROPE" (under the flag of Liberia) to  German Owner HARTMANN.


On the morning of December 6, the naming ceremony of the new ship was held at the YAMIC Wharf. Mr. Song Shuming delivered a speech on behalf of the shipyard; Captain Alfred Hartmann, Chairman of HARTMANN Board of Directors, made a speech on behalf of the ship owner; The godmother Ms. Fatou Dosso named the ship "GASCHEM EUROPE" and threw champagne and deliver best wishes to the new ship and its crew a safe voyage and bring honor and wealth to the ship owner.





The ship "GASCHEM EUROPE" entered DNV Classification Society. The ship was started on September 9, 2022, went to the slipway on April 20, 2023, launched on August 22, and successfully completed sea trial on November 18. The construction period was about 15 months, four months ahead of the contract delivery date. The ship is equipped with the world's first low temperature carbon manganese steel three ear C-shaped tank, and the space utilization rate of the liquid cargo compartment is increased by about 10%. The combination design of advanced LPG dual fuel main engine, efficient propeller and fully suspended double twisted rudder is adopted to meet Tier III emissions. It is a green ship with unique design integrating the latest efficient and energy-saving technology in the world.


The ship "GASCHEM EUROPE" is scheduled to make its maiden voyage on December 8. I wish her a smooth voyage and a safe and smooth journey.