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3500TEU container ship "MAERSK OLYMPIC" is delivered and departure from yard

2023-11-14 views 189

On the morning of November 14, New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. delivered a 3500TEU container ship - "MAERSK OLYMPIC", which was built and delivered by Japanese shipowner LEPTA, and set sail from the shipyard wharf and put into operation.

The ship "MAERSK OLYMPIC" has a length overall of 200 meters, a moulded width of 36.4 meters, and a moulded depth of 20.6 meters, and has entered the ABS classification society. The ship was steel-cut in December 2022, and was successfully completed with the cooperation of the owner's representative, PD site supervision team, ABS classification society, shipyard and other parties. There are 10 series ships of the same type, which is the sixth ship in the series. The ship owner is LEPTA. After delivery, it will be put into the fleet of Maersk, the world's top shipping giant.