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The Group's first LNG dual fuel 7000TEU container ship was delivered and left the port, and three sister ships of the same type were named on the same day

2023-10-28 views 256

On the morning of October 28, the first LNG dual fuel 7000TEU container ship "ZIM AMBER", built by New Yangzi Shipyard for SEAPAN was delivered to ZIM for operation, and the first voyage was to Haiphong Port, the largest port in northern Vietnam.


The 7000TEU LNG dual fuel container ship is a landmark ship type for our company to comprehensively transform and build green new energy ships. It is the first medium-sized container ship carrying B-type fuel tanks and dual fuel in China. There are 15 series ships in this project, all of which are constructed by our group New Yangzi Shipyard. On October 26, our group, together with SEAPAN and ZIM, held a grand naming ceremony for the first three sister ships in New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.



This batch of 7000TEU LNG dual fuel container ships has a total length of 272m, a moulded width of 42.8m, a moulded depth of 24.6m, and a structural draft of 15m, which can load 8242 nominal containers; While the design draft is 12.50m, the main engine power is 90% SMCR, and the sea margin is 15%, the service speed is 22 knots. The main engine, generator and boiler all use the dual fuel of fuel oil and LNG, which greatly reduces the emissions of carbides, and the emissions of EGR and SCR equipment meet the requirements of Tier III, with better environmental protection. The FGSS system carried by the ship was jointly designed by our factory for the first time. It has independent intellectual property rights and participated in the ordering, design, installation, commissioning and other work of the whole system, laying a solid foundation for the application of subsequent ships of LNG gas supply system. In addition, the B-type 9 nickel steel LNG fuel tank carried by the ship is the first in China, which was jointly designed by our company and built by Yangzi Mitsui Shipbuilding, a subsidiary of our group. All parameters meet the design requirements.


On October 27, under the joint witness of the representatives of all parties, Mr. Nam Songbok, the site manager of SEAPAN, and Mr. Du Chengzhong, the deputy general manager of our group and the general manager of New Yangzi Shipyard, respectively signed the "ZIM AMBER" delivery document on behalf of both parties.